He Ara Whakakotahi - Evolving Volleyball in NZ
He Ara Whakakotahi is a project which aims to evolve volleyball in New Zealand. Photo by www.phototek.co.nz

He Ara Whakakotahi - Evolving Volleyball in NZ

Volleyball New Zealand is excited to share with you the launch of our delivery framework review project He Ara Whakakotahi - Evolving Volleyball in New Zealand.

In October 2023 Volleyball NZ brought together representatives from our 15 Regional Associations at the National Forum to discuss the recommendations from the HT Consulting Delivery Framework Review Report. During these discussions, we collectively agreed on the necessity to collaborate and refine these recommendations. This collaboration aims to future-proof volleyball, ensuring its sustainability for generations to come. 

What is He Ara Whakakotahi?

He Ara Whakakotahi translates to “a collective approach to our pathway”. This name was chosen to embody the spirit of our discussions, the invaluable sharing of knowledge, and our mutual commitment to strengthen volleyball across New Zealand. Board Member Bevan Erueti and National Partnership Manager Katie Horne, discussed the importance of having a project name that represented the emotion and commitment of our hui that showed the collective acknowledgement that we are all on this journey together, nationally, and regionally. We believe He Ara Whakakotahi more accurately reflects our transformative journey that aims to strengthen the future of Volleyball in New Zealand.

Why is He Ara Whakakotahi important?

The Delivery Framework Review found that the growth of volleyball is hindered and restricted by the lack of connection, capability and capacity of the volleyball delivery network both nationally and regionally. To achieve the goals of Mahere Rautaki (the Volleyball NZ Strategic Plan), volleyball in New Zealand must evolve to a more effective, efficient and aligned model to meet the needs of participants and the volleyball community. We're at a key moment where volleyball can leap forward, enhancing the quality of our sport across New Zealand. This is a chance to harness the rising popularity and transform our sport for the better.

What happens next?

Community engagement and connection are key to the success of He Ara Whakakotahi and we are looking forward to working with you and the volleyball community through the three stages of the project. This will include a number of opportunities to listen to the voice of the community, connect and share ideas and feedback and come together to ensure we are building the best future for volleyball in New Zealand.

At the close of the National Forum, we committed to establishing an Advisory Group to provide strategic guidance to the project, and this is the first formalised opportunity for the community to be part of He Ara Whakakotahi. Click here for the Terms of Reference for the Advisory Group.

Applications are now open via the below link - He Ara Whakakotahi Advisory Group Application. Please note that applications for the Advisory Group close on Thursday 16 May.

Next Communication

The next He Ara Whakakotahi update will be distributed in May and we will also have a dedicated page on the Volleyball NZ website to keep you updated with all the important information.Stay tuned for more as we will be back in touch to ensure the volleyball community have many opportunities to connect and engage with this important project.


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