Volleyball NZ Referee Pathway

Junior Secondary School Referee

Junior Secondary School Referee Module

Introduction to Refereeing delivered through schools

Students watch YouTube video: Junior Referee Course

Then assessed by a coach refereeing a Match

Qualified to Referee at NI/SI Junior Secondary Schools Championships.

Local Referee

Local Referee Course (1-2 hour basic theory and introductory practical session)

Delivered through Associations

To be awarded the Local Referee qualification Local Candidates must complete the Local Referee course and be formally evaluated practically by Regional (or higher) referee for 1 Match as a First Referee.

Qualified to Referee at Junior/Senior Secondary Schools Championship events only.

Regional Referee

Regional Referee Module (2-3 hour intermediate theory and practical session)

Delivered through Associations.

Recommended Pre-requisite: 1 year as Local Referee (minimum)

Candidate is practically assessed as 1st and 2nd referee by National (or higher) referee.

Qualified to Referee at Schools and Senior/Zone Championship events.

National Referee

National Referee Course

Delivered by VNZ at New Zealand Club Championships (and as arranged by regions from time to time). 1 day theory followed by assessments during Club Championships.

Module prerequisites:

Must be an active referee at Zone level (Preferably for at least 2 years).

Approval from their association

This qualification will meet compliance to Referee at all levels of VNZ

Federation Referee

Federation Referee Course

Delivered by VNZ at New Zealand Club Championships. Intense 2 day theory course, followed by multiple assessments during club championships. Module prerequisites:

2 years as a National Referee (minimum)

Preference to candidates who are independent of teams and whose goal is to make refereeing their primarily contribution to Volleyball in New Zealand

Course conducted as demand requires (normally every 2/3 years)

For the serious Referee, with potential/desire to enter the AVC pathway to International Referee qualification

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