Frequently Asked Questions

Why can I go on line and get a cheaper airline ticket myself?
VNZ buys group tickets at the best price possible but pays extra to be able to make name changes, pay an initial deposit and then full payment closer to the departure date.

Who pays for coaches and managers?
Volleyball is a user pays sport, athletes pay for their coaches and managers to travel on the tour.

Why do we have flights with stopovers?
VNZ buys the best value airfare. We try not to have multiple stop overs but if the alternative airfare is far more expensive, we may opt for the multiple stop airfare.

Can athletes buy their own airfares?
This is only allowable where there are exceptional circumstances such as an athlete is travelling from another country or not returning home or a relative works for an airline.

Can athletes arrange their own accommodation?
No, a key part of the tour is staying with the team and building a team culture.

Can I talk to my child when they are overseas?
Of course, we encourage communication (at appropriate times). All teams will have a parent / caregiver / athlete communication method in place prior to departure.

Will athletes be on their own while travelling around a foreign country?
No athlete is allowed to wander around by themselves. They are told this many times. They will however be allowed to be independent. This means they will be given their food money to use as they determine. They will be allowed to walk around in groups not far from coaches and managers but nevertheless independently. Athlete’s age does determine amount of independence available.

Is there a health and safety / risk management plan?
All teams have a risk management plan and all managers are given this as well as details for insurance, VNZ contacts and pocket guide information on what to do in emergencies. VNZ operates with a 1:10 safety ratio, which has different requirements depending on age of the athletes.

Will the itinerary change?
Although everything is done to retain the itinerary as published, there may be changes due to circumstances outside of VNZ’s control or changes are made to improve the programme.

Is there bed sharing?
Many events in the USA require bed sharing. Hotels in the USA are usually made up of 2 double beds and a pull out couch. Their prices are also usually very expensive for the NZ dollar and therefore bed sharing is required (as it is financially unsustainable to have just 2 people per room as opposed to 3 or 4. In these circumstances, every effort is made to ask the athletes who they are happy to room with.

Are coaches and manager police checked?
Yes all personnel working closely with athletes have been police checked. All coaches are provided with VNZ policies on athlete protection, health and safety and whistleblower policy.

What is the objective of going on a tour?
Each team participating in an event will have a different objective and goal reflecting the event they are participating in. A development tour is about developing athletes; their skills, routines, familiarity, nutrition, travelling and performing. All athletes will get reasonable game time. An Asian or World champs tour is about performance and achieving on the world stage. Athletes will be expected to perform and winning is at the fore. Not all players will get even game time.

Will athletes have their phones on them at night?
The coach / manager has the right to determine whether the athletes should keep their phones overnight. All athletes will be given plenty of time to communicate with family and friends.

Do athletes need spending money?
In most tours there is some down time which will allow time for shopping or looking around the area. It is most ideal if athletes have some funds for discretionary spending. All activities within the itinerary are paid for by VNZ unless specifically noted.