11th - 13th March 2022

Harbour Beach Volleyball Centre

All events lead to the 2022 G.J. Gardner Homes NZ Beach Tour Finals which will be hosted by the purpose-built Harbour Beach Volleyball Centre in Mairangi Bay. This three-day competition is the last chance for athletes to prove their worth and fight for much needed points to become the 2022 G.J. Gardner Homes NZ Beach Tour Champions.


The seeding format for the G.J. Gardner Homes NZ Beach Tour is determined by a weighted performance model. As the G.J. Gardner Homes NZ Beach Tour progresses from event to event, the weight of a player's past performance will become lessened in determining their seeding within a tournament. A maximum of one international performance may be used in as a result within the current seasonal window per event.

Past Performance

Past performance refers to 1- to 5-Star tournaments in the seasonal window of 1st April 2020 to 31st March 2021.

Zero (0) results from the previous season will account towards a players seeding for this tournament.

Current Performance

Current Performance refers to 1- to 5-Star tournaments in the seasonal window of 1st April 2021 to 31st March 2022.

Five (5) results from the current season will account towards a player's seeding for this tournament.


Midday 7 Mar 2022

Wildcard Applications Close

A team may apply for a wildcard seeding if their points do not reflect their performance. Submit your wildcard application before this deadline.

Midday 7 Mar 2022

Midday 7 Mar 2022

Entries Close

Any team may enter this tournament before this deadline and will be charged $50.00 per player (excluding credit card fees and merchandise).

5pm 8 Mar 2022


Seedings advised so that teams are aware of whether they have made main draw or will need to qualify.

5pm 8 Mar 2022

5pm 8 Mar 2022

Wildcard Applicants Advised

Wildcard applicants will be advised of outcome.

Midday 10 Mar 2022

Main Draw Released

The main draw allows for a maximum of 16 teams, all seeds will be distributed evenly in 4 pools of 4 followed by Quarter Finals.

Midday 10 Mar 2022

8am 11 Mar 2022

Technical Meeting

A representative from each team must be present at the Technical Meeting to receive updates to the tournament.

Location & Facilities

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