2018 New Zealand Provincial Volleyball Championships

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Please check spelling and grammar (DO NOT Enter Names Including Team Names etc ln CAPITALS ( Ie JOHN SMITH – We Need John Smith) as this information goes directly into the scoresheets)

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 (Same as Association Unless You have 2 or more Teams)

Team Personnel

Only One Person ALLOWED Per Position

Non Playing Referees

(Players who are also referees can be identified in the team list)


Team List

As Per Event Manual

ASSOCIATION PLAYER -must have New Zealand citizenship. New Zealand citizenship means the person holds or has issued in their name, at least one of the following documents:

  • A NZ Passport
  • A NZ Certificate of Citizenship
  • A NZ Birth Certificate
  • Or a NZ Resident Visa


  • Each Association team may register one (1) Exemption Player (EP).
  • An Exemption Player (EP) is defined as a player who has no Association to represent in their grade, and wishes to represent a different Association, other than that which is defined in the above Players Association section.
  • An Exemption Player (EP) must be 18 years or older at the time of the event.
  • Exemption Player’s (EP) are not permitted in the U17 grades


  • Teams may register one (1) International Player (IP) in the U17 and U20 grades only
  • An International Player is a player who does not have New Zealand citizenship (as defined in the Player Eligibility section above).

Player #


Player Name

Date Of Birth

See Event Manual For Eligibilty

Player Classification

Qualified Referee

Regional Or Higher - Will Be Checked Against Current VNZ Referee Database

When you have filled in ALL the information required use the "Team Registration" button below.

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