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Athlete Development & Performance Strategy

This strategy is what guides Volleyball New Zealand's Development and Performance.

The VNZDPS Aims to:

1. Define Athlete Development Pathways (ADPs) that inspire, maximise potential and develop high performance athletes.

2. Identify development and competition opportunities for athletes at each stage of the pathway.

3. Engage all stakeholders in a common understanding of LTAD and the ADPs, in particular athletes, coaches, and parents/whānau.

4. Align with development opportunities for coaches, recognising the critical role of quality coaching to athlete development and performance.

5. Link to the VNZ Strategic Plan 2018-2021 and promote the embedded values – integrity, wellbeing, accessibility and collaboration.

Read the full strategy here:

Development & Performance Handbook

If you are keen to be a part of the Volleyball NZ Development and Performance Pathway here is what we want Athletes to work towards.

Sport New Zealand Strategies and Plans

The following documents from Sport New Zealand underpins VNZ Althete Development & Performance Strategy.

Past Development & Performance Teams

This year there are international competition opportunities for the following teams.