VNZ Membership

All player, coaches, trainers and managers, must be a registered member of VNZ, prior to participation in any IPC,  Zone qualifying league/tournament or VNZ events and programmes.

Membership need to be renewed annually. Our membership year is March 1 - February 29. Athletes who complete at NZ Secondary Schools Volleyball Championships have their membership fee included in the entry fee but we still require the forms below to be completed before that athlete can take part in any other competition or tournament.

VNZ Account Bank Number: 12-3192-0023920-00

VNZ Individual Membership Categories

Adult Membership $40.00
- A playing member who is 18 years old and above. 

School Membership $15.00 
- A playing member who is at Secondary School or is under 18 years old 

Volunteer Membership FREE
- A non-playing member i.e Coach, Manager or Referee