2020 League

Southern Zone is the premiere league for the South Island where teams battle it out to be crowned Champions of the South as well as compete for qualification and seedings for VNZ’s National Club Championships.


The league will be played on the following dates:

August 1/2 – Christchurch

August 22/23 – Dunedin

September 12/13 – Christchurch



Match ResultSet 1Set 2Set 3Set 4Set 5Total
Week 1ScorpionsBeatPioneer Panthers B3-221-2525-2326-2825-2015-13112-109
Week 1Pioneer Panthers ABeatSVC Silverbacks B3-025-1925-1225-2075-51
Week 1SVC Silverbacks ABeatPioneer Panthers B3-025-1025-1425-975-33
Week 1ScorpionsLost toSVC Silverbacks B2-322-2525-1625-2222-259-15103-103
Week 1Pioneer Panthers ALost toSVC Silverbacks A0-318-2519-2514-2551-75
Week 1SVC Silverbacks ABeatScorpions3-025-1425-925-1475-37
Week 1Pioneer Panthers ABeatPioneer Panthers B3-025-1625-925-1875-43
Week 1SVC Silverbacks ABeatSVC Silverbacks B3-025-925-725-1275-28
Week 1Pioneer Panthers ALost toScorpions1-326-2825-2123-2521-2595-99
Week 1Pioneer Panthers BLost toSVC Silverbacks B0-319-2520-2517-2556-75
Week 2ScorpionsBeatPioneer Panthers B3-025-925-1625-2175-46
Week 2Pioneer Panthers ABeatSVC Silverbacks B3-025-2125-2225-1875-61
Week 2SVC Silverbacks ABeatPioneer Panthers B3-025-1025-1525-1075-35
Week 2ScorpionsLost toSVC Silverbacks B0-321-2520-2523-2564-75
Week 2Pioneer Panthers ALost toSVC Silverbacks A1-315-2516-2525-1815-2571-93
Week 2SVC Silverbacks ABeatScorpions3-025-1425-1725-1975-50
Week 2Pioneer Panthers ABeatPioneer Panthers B3-025-1525-1625-1575-46
Week 2SVC Silverbacks ABeatSVC Silverbacks B3-025-825-2025-1075-38
Week 2Pioneer Panthers ABeatScorpions3-025-1726-2425-2376-64
Week 2Pioneer Panthers BLost toSVC Silverbacks B0-314-2513-2514-2541-75
Week 3ScorpionsvsPioneer Panthers B0-0
Week 3Pioneer Panthers AvsSVC Silverbacks B0-0
Week 3SVC Silverbacks AvsPioneer Panthers B0-0
Week 3ScorpionsvsSVC Silverbacks B0-0
Week 3Pioneer Panthers AvsSVC Silverbacks A0-0
Week 3SVC Silverbacks AvsScorpions0-0
Week 3Pioneer Panthers AvsPioneer Panthers B0-0
Week 3SVC Silverbacks AvsSVC Silverbacks B0-0
Week 3Pioneer Panthers AvsScorpions0-0
Week 3Pioneer Panthers BvsSVC Silverbacks B0-0

Ranking Table

Matches wonMatches LostRanking pointsTotal Sets ForTotal Sets AgainstSet RatioPoints ForPoints AgainstPoint Ratio
SVC Silverbacks A802424124.006183431.80
Pioneer Panthers A53151791.895935321.11
SVC Silverbacks B441112140.865065640.90
Pioneer Panthers B0812240.084096370.64
Match ResultSet 1Set 2Set 3Set 4Set 5Total
Pool APinesBeatPioneer Panthers B3-025-1225-2025-1875-50
Pool ASVC Silverbacks ABeatPioneer Panthers B3-025-525-825-1075-23
Pool APioneer Panthers BBeatScorpions B3-225-2316-2521-2525-1915-12102-104
Pool ASVC Silverbacks ABeatScorpions B3-025--925-1425-1875-23
Pool APinesBeatScorpions B3-025-2125-1825-1375-52
Pool ASVC Silverbacks ABeatPines3-025-1725-1625-1075-43
Pool BScorpions ALost toSVC Silverbacks B2-325-1825-2120-2523-2513-15106-104
Pool BPioneer Panthers ALost toSVC Silverbacks B0-323-2523-2523-2569-75
Pool BScorpions ALost toPioneer Panthers A0-323-2514-2521-2558-75
5th/7thScorpions ABeatScorpions B3-025-2225-1625-1875-56
5th/7thScorpions ABeatPioneer Panthers B3-025-1225-925-1675-37
5th/7thScorpions BBeatPioneer Panthers B3-212-2525-2225-2316-2515-1093-105
SemiSVC Silverbacks ABeatPioneer Panthers A3-025-2125-2325-2175-65
SemiPinesBeatSVC Silverbacks B3-123-2525-1225-2225-1498-73
3rd/4thSVC Silverbacks BLost toPioneer Panthers A2-325-1626-2825-2318-2512-15106-107
FinalSVC Silverbacks ABeatPines3-025-2225-1725-1175-50
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