2021 League

Southern Zone Division 1 is the premiere league for the South Island where teams battle it out to be crowned Champions of the South as well as compete for qualification and seedings for VNZ’s National Club Championships.

The league will be played on the below dates. Get down to check out the action. 

Cost: $650.00 per team

July 3/4 - 1st Christchurch Tournament - All Teams

August 7/8- 2nd Christchurch Tournament - All Teams

August 21/22 - Christchurch teams to Nelson

September 4/5 -  Southern Zone Invitational - Nelson 
This will be host by Pines and teams from around the country will be invited to it. This is not part of the Southern Zone League but will be a great tournament to attend for Div 1 teams! 

September 18/19- Christchurch teams to Dunedin

Division 2
This year we will hold Division 2 Tournaments along side all Division 1 League games. 
These tournaments are open entry to clubs and aimed at teams wanting to compete against other teams from around the South Island. At the end of the season top team from Division 2 will earn the right to play in Division 1 to start 2022.

Click on the link to enter your teams