International Club Transfer

FIVB International Transfer Certificate

An International Transfer Certificate (ITC) is required for all Players playing at Club National whose 'Federation of Origin' is not Volleyball New Zealand.

International Transfer Certificate

If you are an International Player playing for a Club in New Zealand and/or your Federation of Origin is not New Zealand (Federation/country where you first played organised volleyball competitions like school, local club, etc.), players must apply for an International Transfer Certificate. An ITC is needed to play outside the Federation of Origin regardless of the level of the League. The transfer window via VIS is available every mid-August.


1. If you are a player, Contact the Club (NZ) you are going to play for and ask them to initiate a transfer via the Volleyball Information System (VIS).

If Clubs do not remember their VIS login and password please contact Fabi at . If the Club does not have an FIVB VIS profile, contact Fabi to have one created. 

You will need to provide the following information:

a. Name of the Club
b. Club President Name
c. Contact Person Name
d. Address (of club or of President/ Contact person)
e. Phone Number
f. Club email address (where all the transfers will go to)

2. The Club (NZ) then has to ask your Club overseas if they can release you from your old Club or ask the National Federation to approve your transfer. This can be done via the VIS WebManager FIVB App. CLICK HERE

3. If you do not have a VIS profile, please contact your National Federation (Federation of Origin) to create a profile for you and let your NZ Club know so they can initiate the transfer.

You will need to provide the following information:

a. Full name as it appears on the passport
b. Digital Headshot of at least 590 x 710 pixels
c. Email address, mailing address and phone number
d. Passport number, along with issue date and expiry date
e. Date and place of birth


Domestic and International Players (in a domestic club team) that need an ITC must play 4 Zone League matches to be qualified to join the VNZ Club Championships.
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