NZSS Volleyball Championship

Playing dates:
27 March - 31 March 2023

Team Signoff:
26 March Sunday 5:30 pm

Technical meeting:
26 March Sunday 6:30 pm
CET Arena 3

Opening Ceremony:
26 March Sunday 7:30pm
CET Arena 2
Central Energy Trust Arena, Palmerston North
Massey University Teaching Gym, Palmerston North

2 December (Friday) - 3 March (Friday) 2023

Team List Registration:
20 February - 17 March (Friday) 2023

Entry Fee:
$935 per team GST incl. due as stated on Invoice.

Late Team entries accepted at organiser's discretion.
Late entry fee is $1035.00 per team if accepted.

Take note that you may be placed in the waitlist if slots are full before closing date.