Court 5 is at Pioneer Stadium

Court 8, 9 & 10 are at Cowles Stadium


Tuesday,8:158C1Cashmere High School BvsC4Burnside High School DC3Columba College B
9:458C2Middleton Grange School AvsC3Columba College BC4Burnside High School D
11:008F1Cashmere High School CvsF4Rangiora High School AC2Middleton Grange School A
12:158F2Maribyrnong Sports Academy AvsF3Papanui High School AF4Rangiora High School A
13:308C1Cashmere High School BvsC3Columba College BF3Papanui High School A
November 26 14:458C2Middleton Grange School AvsC4Burnside High School DC3Columba College B
16:008F1Cashmere High School CvsF3Papanui High School AC2Middleton Grange School A
17:158C3Columba College BvsC4Burnside High School DF1Cashmere High School C
18:308C1Cashmere High School BvsC2Middleton Grange School AC4Burnside High School D
19:458F3Papanui High School AvsF4Rangiora High School AC1Cashmere High School B
Tuesday,8:159D1Riccarton High School AvsD4Burnside High School CD3Christchurch Girls High School B
9:459D2Upwey High School BvsD3Christchurch Girls High School BD4Burnside High School C
11:009G1Columba College AvsG4Middleton Grange School BD2Upwey High School B
12:159D1Riccarton High School AvsD3Christchurch Girls High School BG1Columba College A
13:309D2Upwey High School BvsD4Burnside High School CD1Riccarton High School A
November 26 14:459G1Columba College AvsG3St Margaret's College BD4Burnside High School C
16:009F2Maribyrnong Sports Academy AvsF4Rangiora High School AG3St Margaret's College B
17:159D3Christchurch Girls High School BvsD4Burnside High School CF2Maribyrnong Sports Academy A
18:309D1Riccarton High School AvsD2Upwey High School BD3Christchurch Girls High School B
19:459F1Cashmere High School CvsF2Maribyrnong Sports Academy AD2Upwey High School B
Tuesday,8:1510E1Taieri College AvsE4Riccarton High School BE3Burnside High School B
9:4510E2Rangi Ruru Girls' School AvsE3Burnside High School BE4Riccarton High School B
11:0010G2Linwood College AvsG3St Margaret's College BE2Rangi Ruru Girls' School A
12:1510E1Taieri College AvsE3Burnside High School BG2Linwood College A
13:3010E2Rangi Ruru Girls' School AvsE4Riccarton High School BE3Burnside High School B
November 26 14:4510G2Linwood College AvsG4Middleton Grange School BE2Rangi Ruru Girls' School A
16:0010E3Burnside High School BvsE4Riccarton High School BG4Middleton Grange School B
17:1510E1Taieri College AvsE2Rangi Ruru Girls' School AE4Riccarton High School B
18:3010G3St Margaret's College BvsG4Middleton Grange School BE1Taieri College A
19:4510G1Columba College AvsG2Linwood College AG4Middleton Grange School B
11:005A2Rangiora New Life School AvsA3Nelson College for Girls BDiv 1
12:155B2St Andrews College BvsB3Bayfield High School AA2Rangiora New Life School A
13:305B2St Andrews College B
November 26 14:455
16:005A1Nayland College BvsA3Nelson College for Girls BDiv 1
17:155B1Garin College AvsB3Bayfield High School AA3Nelson College for Girls B
18:305A1Nayland College BvsA2Rangiora New Life School AB3Bayfield High School A
19:455B1Garin College AvsB2St Andrews College BA1Nayland College B
After the conclusion of Day 1 the 2 best third place team will join the top 2 from each pool in the top 16 of Div 2
The remaining 10 teams will play in 2 pools of 5, the teams from Pools C - G may carry a result into the next pool. This is only be confirmed once the top 16 is established
Wednesday,8:158J1Nayland College BvsJ4St Margaret's College BJ3Cashmere High School C
9:458J2Columba College AvsJ3Cashmere High School CJ4St Margaret's College B
11:008M1Riccarton High School AvsM4Bayfield High School AJ2Columba College A
12:158J1Nayland College BvsJ3Cashmere High School CM4Bayfield High School A
13:308J2Columba College AvsJ4St Margaret's College BJ3Cashmere High School C
November 27 14:458O4Columba College BvsO2Burnside High School DJ2Columba College A
16:008J3Cashmere High School CvsJ4St Margaret's College BO2Burnside High School D
17:158J1Nayland College BvsJ2Columba College AJ4St Margaret's College B
18:308M3Middleton Grange School AvsM4Bayfield High School AJ1Nayland College B
19:458N4St Andrews College BvsN3Middleton Grange School BM3Middleton Grange School A
Wednesday,8:159N1Nelson College for Girls BvsN4St Andrews College BK4Rangiora High School A
9:459K1Garin College AvsK4Rangiora High School AN4St Andrews College B
11:009K2Linwood College AvsK3Riccarton High School BK1Garin College A
12:159M2Rangi Ruru Girls' School AvsM3Middleton Grange School AK2Linwood College A
13:309K1Garin College AvsK3Riccarton High School BM2Rangi Ruru Girls' School A
November 27 14:459K2Linwood College AvsK4Rangiora High School AK3Riccarton High School B
16:009M1Riccarton High School AvsM3Middleton Grange School AK2Linwood College A
17:159K3Riccarton High School BvsK4Rangiora High School AM1Riccarton High School A
18:309K1Garin College AvsK2Linwood College AK4Rangiora High School A
19:459O1Burnside High School CvsO2Burnside High School DK1Garin College A
Wednesday,8:1510O1Burnside High School CvsO4Columba College BL4Rangiora New Life School A
9:4510L1Cashmere High School BvsL4Rangiora New Life School AO4Columba College B
11:0010L2Maribyrnong Sports Academy AvsL3Christchurch Girls High School BL1Cashmere High School B
12:1510O1Burnside High School CvsO5Papanui High School AL2Maribyrnong Sports Academy A
13:3010L1Cashmere High School BvsL3Christchurch Girls High School BO1Burnside High School C
November 27 14:4510L2Maribyrnong Sports Academy AvsL4Rangiora New Life School AL3Christchurch Girls High School B
16:0010M2Rangi Ruru Girls' School AvsM4Bayfield High School AL2Maribyrnong Sports Academy A
17:1510L3Christchurch Girls High School BvsL4Rangiora New Life School AM2Rangi Ruru Girls' School A
18:3010L1Cashmere High School BvsL2Maribyrnong Sports Academy AL4Rangiora New Life School A
19:4510M1Riccarton High School AvsM2Rangi Ruru Girls' School AL1Cashmere High School B
11:005N2Upwey High School BvsN3Middleton Grange School BDiv 1
12:155N4St Andrews College BvsN2Upwey High School BN3Middleton Grange School B
November 27 14:455
16:005N3Middleton Grange School BvsN5Burnside High School BDiv 1
17:155O3Taieri College AvsO5Papanui High School AN3Middleton Grange School B
18:305N1Nelson College for Girls BvsN2Upwey High School BO5Papanui High School A
19:455O4Columba College BvsO3Taieri College AN1Nelson College for Girls B
11:007O2Burnside High School DvsO3Taieri College Avnz
12:157N1Nelson College for Girls BvsN5Burnside High School BO3Taieri College A
8:1581JNayland College Bvs1MRiccarton High School A2JCashmere High School CSemifinal 1
Thursday,9:3084JColumba College Avs4MBayfield High School ALSF1Riccarton High School AGame 3
November 28 10:3082JCashmere High School Cvs2MRangi Ruru Girls' School ALG3Bayfield High School AGame 4
11:308WG3Columba College AvsWG5Christchurch Girls High School B2MRangi Ruru Girls' School AGame 7
12:308WG1Middleton Grange School AvsWG2Rangiora New Life School ALG7Christchurch Girls High School BGame 8
13:308WG4Cashmere High School CvsWG6Cashmere High School BLG8Rangiora New Life School AGame 9
14:308LG3Bayfield High School AvsLG5Rangiora High School ALG9Cashmere High School C
Thursday,8:1591KLinwood College Avs1LMaribyrnong Sports Academy A2KGarin College ASemifinal 2
9:3094KRangiora High School Avs4LChristchurch Girls High School BLSF2Linwood College AGame 5
10:3092KGarin College Avs2LCashmere High School BLG5Rangiora High School AGame 6
11:309O2Burnside High School DvsO5Papanui High School ALG6Garin College A
12:309O1Burnside High School CvsO3Taieri College AO2Burnside High School D
Thursday,13:309O5Papanui High School AvsO4Columba College BO3Taieri College A
14:3091N1st in Pool Nvs1O1st in Pool O2O2nd in Pool O
8:15103JSt Margaret's College Bvs3MMiddleton Grange School A3KRiccarton High School BGame 1
9:30103KRiccarton High School Bvs3LRangiora New Life School ALG1St Margaret's College BGame 2
10:3010N2Upwey High School BvsN5Burnside High School BLG2Riccarton High School B
November 28 11:3010N1Nelson College for Girls BvsN3Middleton Grange School BN2Upwey High School B
12:3010N5Burnside High School BvsN4St Andrews College BN1Nelson College for Girls B
13:3010LG4Rangi Ruru Girls' School AvsLG6Garin College ALPLoser of PreviousGame 10
14:3010LG1St Margaret's College BvsLG2Riccarton High School BLG10Rangi Ruru Girls' School A
14:455 (Pioneer)LSF1Riccarton High School AvsLSF2Linwood College AWG7Columba College ABronze
14:456 (Pioneer)WSF1Nayland College BvsWSF2Maribyrnong Sports Academy AWG8Middleton Grange School AGold


POOLS A - DMatch ResultSet 1Set 2Set 3Total
AA2Rangiora New Life School ABeatA3Nelson College for Girls B2-025-1925-2050-39
A1Nayland College BBeatA3Nelson College for Girls B2-025-1425-1850-32
A1Nayland College BBeatA2Rangiora New Life School A2-025-1525-1050-25
BB2St Andrews College BLost toB3Bayfield High School A0-24-2511-2515-50
B1Garin College ABeatB3Bayfield High School A2-025-1025-1150-21
B1Garin College ABeatB2St Andrews College B2-025-1125-1050-21
PoolC1Cashmere High School BBeatC4Burnside High School D2-025-1325-1350-26
CC2Middleton Grange School ABeatC3Columba College B2-025-1825-2250-40
C4Burnside High School DLost toC2Middleton Grange School A0-223-2521-2544-50
C1Cashmere High School BBeatC3Columba College B2-025-725-1650-23
C1Cashmere High School BBeatC2Middleton Grange School A2-025-1425-1150-25
C3Columba College BLost toC4Burnside High School D0-216-2516-2532-50
PoolD1Riccarton High School ABeatD4Burnside High School C2-025-925-1550-24
DD2Upwey High School BLost toD3Christchurch Girls High School B0-219-2521-2540-50
D4Burnside High School CBeatD2Upwey High School B2-120-2525-2325-1770-65
D1Riccarton High School ABeatD3Christchurch Girls High School B2-025-1525-1850-33
D1Riccarton High School ABeatD2Upwey High School B2-025-2225-1250-34
D3Christchurch Girls High School BBeatD4Burnside High School C2-025-1325-1450-27
PoolE1Taieri College ALost toE4Riccarton High School B0-219-2522-2541-50
EE2Rangi Ruru Girls' School ABeatE3Burnside High School B2-025-1625-350-19
E4Riccarton High School BLost toE2Rangi Ruru Girls' School A0-212-2522-2534-50
E1Taieri College ABeatE3Burnside High School B2-025-1425-1450-28
E1Taieri College ALost toE2Rangi Ruru Girls' School A0-221-2520-2541-50
E3Burnside High School BLost toE4Riccarton High School B0-28-2513-2521-50
PoolF1Cashmere High School CBeatF4Rangiora High School A2-025-1725-2150-38
FF2Maribyrnong Sports Academy ABeatF3Papanui High School A2-125-627-2925-1077-45
F4Rangiora High School ALost toF2Maribyrnong Sports Academy A1-213-2525-239-2547-73
F1Cashmere High School CBeatF3Papanui High School A2-025-1725-1450-31
F1Cashmere High School CLost toF2Maribyrnong Sports Academy A1-216-2525-237-2548-73
F3Papanui High School ALost toF4Rangiora High School A0-214-2514-2528-50
PoolG1Columba College ABeatG4Middleton Grange School B2-025-1525-1450-29
GG2Linwood College ABeatG3St Margaret's College B2-025-1125-1950-30
G4Middleton Grange School BLost toG2Linwood College A1-215-2526-2417-2558-74
G1Columba College ABeatG3St Margaret's College B2-128-3025-1325-578-48
G1Columba College ALost toG2Linwood College A1-215-2525-2320-2560-73
G3St Margaret's College BBeatG4Middleton Grange School B2-120-2525-2025-2070-65


Pool AMatches wonMatches LostSets ForSets AgainstSet RatioPoints For
Points Against
Point Ratio
Nayland College B20401000.00100571.75
Rangiora New Life School A11221.0075890.84
Nelson College for Girls B02040.00711000.71
Pool BMatches wonMatches LostSets ForSets AgainstSet RatioPoints For
Points Against
Point Ratio
Garin College A20401000.00100422.38
Bayfield High School A11221.0071651.09
St Andrews College B02040.00361000.36
Pool CMatches wonMatches LostSets ForSets AgainstSet RatioPoints For
Points Against
Point Ratio
Cashmere High School B30601000.00150742.03
Middleton Grange School A21422.001251340.93
Burnside High School D12240.501201320.91
Columba College B03060.00951500.63
Pool DMatches wonMatches LostSets ForSets AgainstSet RatioPoints For
Points Against
Point Ratio
Riccarton High School A30601000.00150911.65
Christchurch Girls High School B21422.001331171.14
Burnside High School C12250.401211650.73
Upwey High School B03160.171391700.82
Pool EMatches wonMatches LostSets ForSets AgainstSet RatioPoints For
Points Against
Point Ratio
Rangi Ruru Girls' School A30601000.00150941.60
Riccarton High School B21422.001341121.20
Taieri College A12240.501321281.03
Burnside High School B03060.00681500.45
Pool FMatches wonMatches LostSets ForSets AgainstSet RatioPoints For
Points Against
Point Ratio
Maribyrnong Sports Academy A30632.002231401.59
Cashmere High School C21522.501481421.04
Rangiora High School A12340.751351510.89
Papanui High School A03160.171041770.59
Pool GMatches wonMatches LostSets ForSets AgainstSet RatioPoints For
Points Against
Point Ratio
Linwood College A30623.001971481.33
Columba College A21531.671881501.25
St Margaret's College B12350.601481930.77
Middleton Grange School B03260.331521940.78


PoolMatch ResultSet 1Set 2Set 3Total
PoolJ1Nayland College BBeatJ4St Margaret's College B2-025-625-650-12
JJ2Columba College ALost toJ3Cashmere High School C1-221-2525-2125-2771-73
J2Columba College ALost toJ4St Margaret's College B1-225-621-2523-2569-56
J1Nayland College BBeatJ3Cashmere High School C2-025-1525-1650-31
J3Cashmere High School CBeatJ4St Margaret's College B2-025-1825-650-24
J1Nayland College BBeatJ2Columba College A2-025-1425-950-23
PoolK1Garin College ABeatK4Rangiora High School A2-025-1929-2754-46
KK2Linwood College ABeatK3Riccarton High School B2-025-8252250-30
K2Linwood College ABeatK4Rangiora High School A2-025-1825-1750-35
K1Garin College ALost toK3Riccarton High School B1-225-1717-2523-2565-67
K3Riccarton High School BLost toK4Rangiora High School A1-218-2525-1624-2667-67
K1Garin College ABeatK2Linwood College A2-127-2930-2825-2082-77
PoolL1Cashmere High School BBeatL4Rangiora New Life School A2-125-1320-2525-1570-53
LL2Maribyrnong Sports Academy ABeatL3Christchurch Girls High School B2-125-1221-2525-471-41
L2Maribyrnong Sports Academy ABeatL4Rangiora New Life School A2-025-1125-2050-31
L1Cashmere High School BBeatL3Christchurch Girls High School B2-025-1825-1650-34
L3Christchurch Girls High School BLost toL4Rangiora New Life School A1-226-2422-25202568-74
L1Cashmere High School BLost toL2Maribyrnong Sports Academy A0-212-2512-2524-50
PoolM1Riccarton High School ABeatM4Bayfield High School A2-025-1125-1050-21
MM2Rangi Ruru Girls' School ABeatM3Middleton Grange School A2-025-1925-950-28
M2Rangi Ruru Girls' School ABeatM4Bayfield High School A2-025-2225-1850-40
M1Riccarton High School ABeatM3Middleton Grange School A2-121-2526-2425-1172-60
M3Middleton Grange School ABeatM4Bayfield High School A2-122-2525-1425-672-45
M1Riccarton High School ABeatM2Rangi Ruru Girls' School A2-123-2525925-1573-49
Match ResultSet 1Set 2Set 3Total
PoolN1Nelson College for Girls BBeatN5Burnside High School B2-025-1725-1550-32
NN2Upwey High School BLost toN4St Andrews College B0-221-2516-2537-50
N3Middleton Grange School BLost toN1Nelson College for Girls B0-217-2512-2529-50
N2Upwey High School BBeatN5Burnside High School B2-025-1625-1050-26
N3Middleton Grange School BLost toN4St Andrews College B1-213-2525-2019-2557-70
N1Nelson College for Girls BBeatN2Upwey High School B2-025-2225-1050-32
N5Burnside High School BLost toN4St Andrews College B0-28-259-2517-50
N3Middleton Grange School BBeatN2Upwey High School B2-125-1824-2625-2274-66
N1Nelson College for Girls BBeatN4St Andrews College B2-125-2114-2525-1864-64
N3Middleton Grange School BBeatN5Burnside High School B2-025-1725-1250-29
PoolO1Burnside High School CLost toO5Papanui High School A1-225-2318-259-2552-73
OO2Burnside High School DBeatO4Columba College B2-121-2525-1325-1771-55
O3Taieri College ABeatO1Burnside High School C2-025-2325-1050-33
O2Burnside High School DLost toO5Papanui High School A0-221-2523-2544-50
O3Taieri College ABeatO4Columba College B2-025-1025-2250-32
O1Burnside High School CBeatO2Burnside High School D2-125-2221-2525-2371-70
O5Papanui High School ABeatO4Columba College B2-125-2223-2525-1873-65
O3Taieri College ABeatO2Burnside High School D2-125-823-2525-1773-50
O1Burnside High School CLost toO4Columba College B1-223-2526-2414-2563-74
O3Taieri College ABeatO5Papanui High School A2-025-2125-1950-40


Pool JMatches wonMatches LostSets ForSets AgainstSet RatioPoints ForPoints AgainstPoint Ratio
Nayland College B30601000.00150662.27
Cashmere High School C21431.331541451.06
St Margaret's College B12250.40921690.54
Columba College A03260.331631790.91
Pool KMatches wonMatches LostSets ForSets AgainstSet RatioPoints ForPoints AgainstPoint Ratio
Linwood College A21522.501771471.20
Garin College A21531.672011901.06
Riccarton High School B12350.601641820.90
Rangiora High School A12250.401481710.87
Pool LMatches wonMatches LostSets ForSets AgainstSet RatioPoints ForPoints AgainstPoint Ratio
Maribyrnong Sports Academy A30616.00171961.78
Cashmere High School B21431.331441371.05
Rangiora New Life School A12350.601581880.84
Christchurch Girls High School B03260.331431950.73
Pool MMatches wonMatches LostSets ForSets AgainstSet RatioPoints ForPoints AgainstPoint Ratio
Riccarton High School A30623.001951301.50
Rangi Ruru Girls' School A21522.501491411.06
Middleton Grange School A12350.601601670.96
Bayfield High School A03160.171061720.62
Pool OMatches wonMatches LostSets ForSets AgainstSet RatioPoints ForPoints AgainstPoint Ratio
Taieri College A40818.002231551.44
Papanui High School A31641.502362111.12
Burnside High School D13470.572352490.94
Columba College B13470.572262570.88
Burnside High School C13470.572192670.82
Pool NMatches wonMatches LostSets ForSets AgainstSet RatioPoints ForPoints AgainstPoint Ratio
Nelson College for Girls B40818.002141571.36
St Andrews College B31732.332341751.34
Middleton Grange School B22551.002102150.98
Upwey High School B13360.501852000.93
Burnside High School B04080.001042000.52


Match ResultSet 1Set 2Set 3Total
G19th - 12th3JSt Margaret's College BLost to3MMiddleton Grange School A1-220-2525-226-2551-72
G29th - 12th3KRiccarton High School BLost to3LRangiora New Life School A0-225-2719-2544-52
G313th - 16th4JColumba College ABeat4MBayfield High School A2-025-2025-2250-42
G45th - 8th2JCashmere High School CBeat2MRangi Ruru Girls' School A2-119-2525-2025-1669-61
G513th - 16th4KRangiora High School ALost to4LChristchurch Girls High School B0-224-2612-2536-51
G65th - 8th2KGarin College ALost to2LCashmere High School B0-226-2812-2538-53
SF1Semifinal 11JNayland College BBeat1MRiccarton High School A2-025-1625-650-22
SF2Semifinal 21KLinwood College ALost to1LMaribyrnong Sports Academy A1-210-2525-1919-2554-69
G715th vs 16thLG3Bayfield High School ALost toLG5Rangiora High School A1-220-2525-1916-2561-69
G1213th vs 14thWG3Columba College ABeatWG5Christchurch Girls High School B2-126-2423-2525-1774-66
G1111th vs 12thLG1St Margaret's College BLost toLG2Riccarton High School B1-225-1316-2523-2564-63
G89th vs 10thWG1Middleton Grange School ABeatWG2Rangiora New Life School A2-125-2220-2525-1670-63
G107th vs 8thLG4Rangi Ruru Girls' School ALost toLG6Garin College A1-224-2625-1823-2572-69
G95th vs 6thWG4Cashmere High School CLost toWG6Cashmere High School B0-220-2518-2538-50
B3rd vs 4thLSF1Riccarton High School ABeatLSF2Linwood College A2-025-1225-2150-33
G1st vs 2ndWSF1Nayland College BBeatWSF2Maribyrnong Sports Academy A2-025-1725-1750-34


1stNayland College B
2ndMaribyrnong Sports Academy A
3rdRiccarton High School A
4thLinwood College A
5thCashmere High School B
6thCashmere High School C
7thGarin College A
8thRangi Ruru Girls' School A
9thMiddleton Grange School A
10thRangiora New Life School A
11thRiccarton High School B
12thSt Margaret's College B
13thColumba College A
14thChristchurch Girls High School B
15thRangiora High School A
16thBayfield High School A
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