Playing dates:
Monday 25 - Friday 29 March 2019

Entries are close.

Technical meeting:
6:30pm Sunday 24 March

Opening Ceremony:
7:30pm Sunday 24 March
Central Energy Trust Arena, Palmerston North
Massey University, Palmerston North
Cornerstone Christian School, Palmerston North

NZSSVC Venue Update:

As you may be aware the CET Arena (the Main venue for NZSSVC) has sustained water damage and therefore will have less courts than usual available.

We will now have 2 Show courts in Arena 2 (Normal Div 1 Arena) and the other 2 Div 1 Courts will be in Arena 3.

We have also decided to move the Tournament Office to the B&M Centre, in the space that has been the coaches room, once again we will work with the staff at CET to find the best location for a new coaches room.

Canterbury Volleyball is also hosting a Satellite Volleyball Championship (NZSSSC Sanctioned, held at Pioneer Stadium in Christchurch) during the same week as NZSSVC and teams can enter there if the NZSSVC reaches capacity.

General Information


Teams are seeded into groups of 32 for the start of the tournament.

After each team plays 3 pool games the each group is split into two 16 team divisions. (eg. top 32, becomes Division 1 and Division 2).

All teams play another 3 pool games and are then split in half again for the post-section elimination games.
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