Playing Dates:
November 27 - 29

Edgar Centre, Dunedin

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Draw Format (Updated)

Boys Draw

There are 21 teams. 

On day 1 they will all start in the top grade in 7 pools of 3. At the conclusion of these pool the top 2 teams in each pool PLUS the 2 third place "lucky losers" (to be ranked on Number of Victories, then Set Ratio, then Point Ratio) will make up Division 1 (16 teams), with the remaining 5 in Division 2.

The Division 1 and 2 Pool play will begin in the evening of day 1.

At the conclusion of the Division 1 Pool play on day 2 the top ranked team in each pool will go to the semifinals and the rest crossing (2nd vs 2nd, 3rd vs 3rd...). Division 2 will progress straight to a final on day 3.


There are 39 teams, these will be split into a top 16, and remaining 23.

The Top 16 (Division 1) will start in 4 Pools of 4 on Day 1. Then for Day 2 the top 3 in each pool will move to 2 new pools of 6, where they align with the other 2 teams from their original pool and carry their result forward, therefore leaving 3 matches to complete for each team on day 2. The bottom 4 will also play a pool on day 2.

On Day 3 the top 2 from each pool will progress to the semifinal and the other teams will also cross over  for 2 play off games. On Day 3 the bottom 4 will also cross over amongst themselves for 2 play off games.

The remaining 23 (Division 2 & 3) will start in 6 pools of 4 (or 3), pool play will run over day 1. Day 2 they will split into Div 2 and 3. 
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