Get ready to jump, set, and spike your way into the exciting world of volleyball! It's time for the South Island Junior Secondary School Volleyball Championships, sanctioned by School Sport New Zealand.

Calling all you fantastic Year 9 and 10 students – this is your chance to shine on the volleyball court! It's not just about the game, it's about teamwork, making new friends, and having a blast while you're at it.

So grab your sneakers, practice your serves, and get ready for a volley-tastic event that's all about fun, friendship, and showing off your amazing skills. Let's make this championship a memory you'll treasure forever!

Playing Date:

21-23 November 2023 (Tue-Thur)


Edgar Centre
Dunedin, Otago

Registration Fee:

$660.00 GST incl per team
$100 additional for late entries

Registration Date:

1 September 2023 (Fri)

Team Sign-in:

Teams that need to add or take out players or staff in the roster need to attend the sign-off in person to ammend their team list. 

Venue: Edgar Centre
Time: 5:30pm

Technical Meeting:

Technical Meeting will be done online. All teams are required to attend, especially if you are new to the tournament. Atleast one school official (coach or manager must attend and the team referees. 

In the Technical Meeting, VNZ & Volleyball Otago will go through important tournament rules and regulations, venue safety, refereeing and general rules and guidelines during the tournament. 

Venue: Online & Edgar Centre
Time: 6:30pm

Opening Ceremony:
No Opening Ceremony


Playing Date:

24 November 2023 (Fri)


Brighton Beach, Dunedin

Registration Fee:

$60.00 per team

Registration Date:

1 September 2023 (Fri)


Tournament Manual:

Click Here

Tournament Resources
Draws as of 15 November

Division 1
Division 2
Division 3


Division 1
Division 2

Draws have been updated as of 15 November with school seedings.
The draw is now complete.

Girls Division:

14th, 15th, and 16th places from last year have been relegated to Division 2. 17th and 18th and Aus 1 have been promoted to Division 1.

The current 14th and 15th places have been swapped to balance regional representation.

Boys Division:

15th, and 16th places from last year have been relegated to Division 2. 17th and 18th places have been promoted to Division 1. Aus 1 has taken the space of Tasman 7 in Division 1 as there are currently only 6 teams from Tasman that are participating.

Game Time and Points:

As mentioned in previous comms to sports coordinators, there has been an amendment to the Tournament Manual for the South Island Juniors as we have reached a record number of team entries this year.

We have adopted the North Island Junior draw giving teams 1 hour per match to play. 

Matches are best of 3 sets. The third set up to 15 points. 25-25-15.
Registration Steps

Registration Form

Complete the Registration Form. You should receive a copy of the filled out registration form. Check your junk mail if you are unable to locate it in your inbox, or email to ask for another copy.

Sign & Send Back 

The school principal has to sign the registration form. Send back the signed form to

Enter Team List

Once the team list portal is available. School Administrators who filled the entry form can log in Friendly Manager and add their players, coaches and referees.

If players do not come up in search bar, you must add the player and provide player details such as date of birth, parent/guardian's name and parent/ guardian's email address.

Check & Sign

Print the team list and have the Principal check the eligibility of the students. Manually write down the year level and date of enrolment of the students and indicate if the students are New to School. All students must either be in year 9 or 10 only.

The Principal must sign the team list. Send the team list back to VNZ to

Edit Team List

Once the Team list window closes and you need to change players and staff in your roster, email with the changes you want to make.

VNZ will only change the roster if the school provides a formal letter (on school letterhead) or email from the Principal that they authorise the change, indicating the name, birthday and year level of the student or the name an position of the staff they want to change.

Key Dates

1 September 2023


1 September (Fri) - 13 October (Fri) 2023

Regisration is now closed

1 September 2023

3 November 2023

Team List Due Date

Enter your team list via Friendly Manager from 16 October (Mon) to 3 November (Fri).

17 November 2023

Entry Fee Due

Entry fee per team is $660.00 GST incl. deadline 17 November (Fri).

17 November 2023

20 November 2023

Team Sign-off & Technical Meeting

Venue: Edgar Centre
Time: 5:30pm

21 November 2023

Start of Tournament

Venue will open at 7:00am and games start 8:00am.

21 November 2023

24 November 2023

Junior Beach Champs

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