Prepare to dive, position yourself, and power your way into the thrilling realm of volleyball! The New Zealand Secondary School Volleyball Championships (NZSSVC), officially endorsed by School Sport New Zealand, are here.

Calling all remarkable Year 11 to 13 students – this is your moment to shine on the volleyball court! It's not merely a game; it's about collaboration, forging new friendships, and enjoying every moment.

So lace up your sneakers, perfect those serves, and gear up for an event that's all about the joy of play, camaraderie, and showcasing your remarkable abilities. Let's transform this championship into an enduring memory you'll cherish forever!

Playing Date:

18-22 March 2024 (Monday-Friday)


CET Arena, Palmerston North

Registration Fee:

$935 (inc.GST)

Registration Date:

Thursday 6 December, 2023 - Wednesday 31 January, 2024

Registration Link: 

Click here to register.

Team Sign-in:

Teams that need to add or take out players or staff from the roster need to attend the sign-off in person to amend their team list. 

Venue: Arena 3, CET Arena
Time: TBC 

Technical Meeting:

All team coaches (or managers) and team referees are required to attend, especially if you are new to the tournament.

In the Technical Meeting, VNZ will go through important tournament rules and regulations, venue safety, refereeing, and general rules and guidelines during the tournament. 

Time/Venue: TBC 

Opening Ceremony:

17 March 2024 (Sunday) 

Venue: Arena 2, CET Arena
Time: TBC

Tuesday 5 December – Friday 9 February. Please note - we will not be accepting late entries unless there are exceptional circumstances.

Registration Link:

Click here to register.

Playing Dates:
20th-22nd March 2024

Eventfinda Stadium, Wairau, Auckland

Entry Fee:
$660 (including GST)

VNZ deliver the North Island Satellite in partnership with Harbour Volleyball
Playing Dates:
19-21 March, 2024


Website: Click here for further information for the South Island Satellite run by Canterbury Volleyball (entries opening soon)


Tournament Regulations



Registration Form

Complete the Registration Form as appropriate available in the Tabs above for either: - NZSSVC Palmerston North - NZSSVC North Island Satellite - NZSSVC South Island Satellite is delivered by Canterbury Volleyball. Contact CVA for more details.

Check & Sign

Print the team list and have the Principal check the eligibility of the students and sign the form. Manually write down the year level and date of enrolment of the students and indicate if the students are New to School.

Students must be in years 11-13. A maximum of two (2) Junior players (Year 9 and 10) are allowed in the roster and may both take court at the same time. There must be more Senior players in the full roster. The Principal must sign the team list. Send the team list back to VNZ to

Edit Team List

Once the Team list window closes and you need to change players and staff in your roster, email with the changes you want to make.

VNZ will only change the roster if the school provides a formal letter (on school letterhead) or email from the Principal that they authorise the change, indicating the name, birthday and year level of the student or the name an position of the staff they want to change.

Enter Team List

Once the team list portal is available. School Administrators who filled the entry form can log in Friendly Manager and add their players, coaches and referees.

If players do not come up in search bar, you must add the player and provide player details such as date of birth, parent/guardian's name and parent/ guardian's email address.

6 December 2023


6 December (Wed) 2023 - 31 January (Wed) 2024

NZSSVC - Palmerston North - Click here to Register

NZSSVC - North Island Satellite - Click here to Register

6 December 2023

1 March 2024 (Fri)

Team List Due Date

Enter your team list via Friendly Manager from 12 February 2024 (Mon) to 1 March 2024 (Fri).

8 March 2024

Entry Fee Due

Deadline 8 March 2024 (Fri).

8 March 2024

17 March 2024 (Sun)

Team Sign-off & Technical Meeting

Venue: Arena 3, CET Arena
Time: TBC

Opening Ceremony
Venue: Arena 2 - Central Energy Trust Arena (Palmerston North)
Time: TBC

18 March 2024 (Mon)

Start of Tournament

Venue will open at 7:00am and games start 8:00am. The last round is scheduled to start 8:00pm. 18 - 22 March 2024

18 March 2024 (Mon)


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