2020 Entry Form


This entry form can only be filled in by the school sport coordinator / TIC of Beach Volleyball.

You must also click the team list button below and add your pairings exactly the field heading instruct.

Due to the numbers at the Year 11 grade becoming unmanageable, this year we are splitting the Year 11 and below grade into 3 year groups (Year 11, Year 10 and Year 9). Please note a pair may be a combination of 2 year groups but they must play up in the age group of the older player.

Also due to the increase in endangered birds nesting on the Mt Maunganui Main Beach we have put a cap on at 6 teams per grade per school. Please contact us if you are a travelling team who has already committed to bring more teams than this. We still may need to cap the numbers further (as we saw a 30% increase in entries last year and we won't be able to sustain that again this year).
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