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Board Announcement on International Travel

03 June 2020

The board of VNZ resolves that no international tours be approved for travel commencing prior to November 1, 2020.


Summary: Due to Covid-19 and the ongoing uncertainty surrounding international travel, the VNZ Board will not approve any international tours prior to November 1, 2020. Any tours planned after this date will be reviewed by the board in conjunction with all relevant, up-to-date (as of time of application) information including health and safety, government travel advisories, cost of tour (including insurances), deadlines, competition level, competition value (to teams/players in relation to advancing the performance programs) and contingencies (including flexibility). Exemptions in this period may be made for Senior Beach Volleyball Teams ("Beach Ferns" and "Beach Blacks") competing in Olympic Qualifying events or preparing for Olympic campaigns and will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. This decision is subject to review as Covid-19 health and safety measures evolve.


Background/Rationale: While NZ has made great strides in containing covid-19 there is still much uncertainty over the landscape of our sport. VNZ has an obligation to all volleyball stakeholders to consolidate our position in a "post covid-19" world while enabling quality opportunities across New Zealand for our diverse membership. International travel is likely to remain difficult for the foreseeable future and options may be limited and with higher costs than previously budgeted. The exemption for Senior beach teams owes to Olympic qualification being an ongoing process and not a one off event, and failure to compete in a sanctioned event would be detrimental to teams' rankings. Easing of travel restrictions between New Zealand and Australia and/or the Pacific Islands is more likely in the short- to medium-term and may be able to provide opportunities for New Zealand teams/athletes at the end of 2020 and early 2021.