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Youth Women 8th in Asia
The Youth Women's team have returned from the Asian Youth Women's Championships having finished in 8th place and achieving their goal of breaking into the Top 8 in Asia. Coach Wayne Stringer is delighted with the team for their tenacity and spirit. The team also earned accolades from their higher finishing Asian counterparts in teams like China, Japan and Thailand who all rated the kiwis for their on court effort and engaging behaviour off the court as well.
The Youth Women's team have returned from the Asian Youth Women's Championships having...
Beach Volleyball Season Off to a Challenging start

 Picture: Julie Fitzgerald

It was 4 seasons in 1 day for the first beach volleyball tournament of the season in Hamilton's Te Rapa Beach Volleyball Centre.

With 30 eager teams entered the morning started with a heavy hail storm during the first round. However the sun was out by the end of the game and the mixed conditions continued for the rest of the day.

It was great to see so many new athlete hit the court. A big congratulations to Greg White, Blake Fairweather, Daniel Michael, Kuratea Broughton, Leon Horsley, Tim Walters, Matt Williams, Alex Jaffrey, Cameron Hunter, Dylan Mcneely, Nic Mangino, Aaron Edwards, Brooke Ryan-Bidois and Sophie Samson.

At the business end of the tournament local player's were able to capitalise on new partnerships to take victories.

In the women's event Shaunna Polley paired with Susana Vega, and they were to strong for the young pair of Alice Bain and Bex Story in the final.

In the men's event Rene Kapa paired with Thomas Hartles, in their final they took down Paora Morunga and Griffin Muller.

The National Beach Series now heads to the Mt Maunganui Main Beach for the Mauao Challenger and Satellite Tournaments, which will come on the back of the North Island Junior Beach Camp, so we are expecting a huge event.

Final Positions:
1 Kapa/Hartles
2 Morunga/muller
3= Harris/Hawkins
3= Fullerton/Lewis
5= Cleaver/Quistorff
5= Hamlin/Vukets
7= Anderson/M.Polley
7= Connolly/Dryden
11 Hone/Bunyan
12 Horsley/Walters
13 Marsters/Sek
14. Hunter/McNeely
16 Williams/Jaffray
17. White/Fairweather
18. Michael/Broughton

1 S.Polley/Vega
2. Bain/Story
3= Tung/Dunne
5= Yap/Hamp
5= Coughlan/J.Lawrence
5= Redpath/Blyth
9 Venter/Venter
10 Sanson/Thwaites
11 Te Kani/Burnett
12 Ryan-Bidois/Samson


 Picture: Julie Fitzgerald It was 4 seasons in 1 day for the first beach...

Teams Announced For FIVB U19 World Beach Volleyball Championships and USA-West Coast tournament


Volleyball New Zealand is pleased to announce the team to represent New Zealand in the FIVB U19 World Beach Volleyball Championships in Portugal and teams to represent New Zealand in USA-West Coast tournament in early July. For More Info - Here

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